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Thank you poems

Thank you card poems:


Thankyou for coming, holding me dear,

Although you have known me little more than a year.

The party’s over, I hope you had fun.

Thanks for my gifts, I’m officially ONE!


The cake had one candle,

there was lots of food and fun,

thank-you for helping us celebrate

as (child’s name) turned one!


The party’s over…. I’m officially ONE!

Thanks for coming, I hope you had fun!

Here are some pictures from me to you.

See you next year when I turn 2!


A heartfelt thank you is sent your way

for thinking of me on my first birthday!


The party is over,

I’m officially ONE!

Thank you for coming,

I hope you had fun!


The party was great,

Your gift was the best!

Great family and friends,

I really am blessed!